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Becoming a Blogger is easy. Just go to either WordPress or Blogger and watch the help videos, read the FAQs, then begin. It is free and gets you on the web and published. It doesn’t guarantee you will get read, though. In fact, the odds are very few people will stumble upon your blog on these free sites. Those who do may have no interest at all in what you have to say and will surf out as quickly as they surfed in.

You can blog through social media and these days, this is how I would suggest you begin. Take Facebook for instance. You can utilise this resource to get published and read and all for free. You can leverage the system to build a readership that you can take to a more formal blog situation or just stay where you are.

Why do you want a blog? Is it to build an audience or a client list? Do you want to monetize your blog with ads or sell products either by drop shipping or your own inventory? What do you want to say and who do you want to read it? Having a few ideas in mind before you begin will ensure you have the best chance of success.


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