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Keeping Up To Date

A lot of my time is spent keeping up to date with the changes in the marketplace in which I conduct my business, the Internet. One of the major changes I have monitored for some time is the rise of mobile devices for accessing the web. When you keep in mind the fact that Gen Y is now all over 21 and GenZ have all grown up with mobile phones and the web, YouTube and what have you, not keeping up with technology and web use is like shooting yourself in the foot and saying it helps you hop better.

Another consideration is video. Forget swathes of text unless there is a nice image to catch the reader’s attention. Even better if you can communicate your message through video. Moving pictures, talkies, call it what you like; a picture is worth a thousand words and a moving talking one a heck of a lot more. I just had a book trailer video made and it is helping the book get noticed and bought far more than a tweet of 140 characters alone. I tweeted the video link and got a lot more hits than when I tweeted the launch of the book with the cover photo and far more than the test tweet with no cover shot.

Watch the video from Social Visibility Online and give it some serious consideration. It really is timely advice you should pay attention to if you want to do anything online and hope to have any success at. The number of people competing for your potential customer’s dollar grows every minute as the World wide Web is forever expanding and what the ‘guru’s’ are selling as the latest, sure fire way to make a million online stopped working for them a year ago, right about the time they figured they could make money from you selling the ‘secrets’ of what worked (past tense) for them. SVO’s CEO Chris Bennetts is telling you what is working now and what will be the way forward.

9 Writers, 24 Hours, 1 Book!

if:book Australia just wrote and edited then published electronically and in print a book in just 24 hours! Why? Because they could and because it would be fun to do. I totally agree! The nine invited writers met at the State Library of Queensland at noon on the 11 June and began writing. As they did the work was posted online and people were encouraged to get involved and offer suggestions and so on. Once written, the editorial team got to work and produced the book which was published the following day at noon, making it a book from who to go in 24 hours.

I am sure this is a candidate for the Guinness Book of World Records and I am itching to break the record! Watch this space as I might see if I can whip up the Rorschach School of Writers to see if we can do it in 12 hours! Fun aside, this is a worthy demonstration of the power of the technology we are so fortunate to share. The Internet is surely the next best thing to the alphabet and the best thing in writing since Gutenberg and his printing press!