Common Grammar Gaffs

I have borrowed this from Bubblecow’s Blog because I think it is the best explained set of common grammar mistakes I have found to date. This combination of pictures and words makes it easy to learn and remember the common grammar gaffs I am always coming across when I edit or proof read. Speaking of which, Bubblecow offer very reasonably priced editing and proof reading services and I  encourage everyone  to have their manuscript professionally checked. Their web site has a lot of great information within its pages so surf on over there and spend some time getting to grips with the ‘back-end’ of the business as I call it. I learned today for the first time about some developments in ePublishing, just by reading the blog, then following the links to other sites. You really need to stay on top of the fast moving world of eWriting, believe me!

How To NOT Make Silly Grammar Mistakes

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15 Grammar Goofs That Make You Look SillyThis infographic was first posted at

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