Street Lit Now Included on Wikipedia

Slide1The entry on Urban Literature (aka Street Lit) on Wikipedia includes a mention of Australian author Perry Gamsby and his three Street Lit novels, ‘The Cool Side of the Pillow‘, ‘Twenty Seven Seventy’ and ‘Never Be Unsaid’. While most urban lit is of African-American or Latino origin, Perry adds an Australian voice to the gritty, edgy street lit genre.

As part of the StreetWise Publications 2014 Marketing Plan, all cover art is being reviewed with ‘The Cool Side of the Pillow’ and ‘Twenty Seven Seventy’ being the first to receive new covers. Additionally, a book trailer is being made for ‘Never Be Unsaid’ and advertising on FaceBook and LinkedIn is being trialled.

As any eWriter knows, writing the book is the easy part. Selling it, promoting and marketing; that is where the real hard work begins.

One thought on “Street Lit Now Included on Wikipedia

  1. Abdulrahim

    Posted on Dave, this was a terrific liltte video, very well done. All I’ve known of your story thus far has been from those videos I’ve seen on the NHNE site. The story sounds like a very rich one and I’ll be talking to my wife about it to see if we want to read it. Good luck with the book.

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