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Book Trailers

Outback road AustraliaI am a member of the Association of Independent Authors and this month they have a special deal going with COSProductions to have a book trailer made for just $250 (normally $1,000). My latest novel, ‘Never Be Unsaid is in pre-launch having been finished during NaNoWriMo and now I just have the re-writes to do (groans). I thought this would be a superb opportunity to get some first hand experience of having a book trailer made by a professional outfit at an affordable (for me) price.

I will keep my audience informed (so if either of you have any questions…) on the process and of course, post the final product here. So far I have received a professional contract and other communication and paid the fee, plus $75 for it to be formatted for Amazon.com as you need to be listed with the world’s biggest book distributor to have any chance of making money. I sent them the link to my book website, the cover art and a bio-blurb on me, an ‘elevator pitch’ about the novel and the signed contract. Now it is in the queue and no doubt things will begin to roll along soon.