Taking A Break

The last three months I have been gainfully employed in a ‘real job’. I was handling sales and marketing for a small, family owned security company. They got a lot of work in over Christmas and because they haven’t been paid by their clients, yet have had to pay all their staff, they have become insolvent and so had to let a bunch of us go. So I’m back earning my  living as a freelance eWriter. Magic!

I confess it was nice to get the money in the bank every Tuesday, even though it wasn’t much. They were great people to work for but, I prefer being self employed. My time, and thus my life, is my own. I confess I let the site slip while I was busy swapping hours for dollars and I have 32,743 spam posts to delete. I can only do 20 at a time so that means 1,637 deletions at three clicks a deletion or up to 15 seconds a time. That’s nearly seven hours of solid clicking! You gotta be kidding me! If nothing else, this tells me I need to pay regular attention to my sites!

Part of the role of being an eWriter is that you have to market yourself. You need to be filling the sales funnel with prospects so you get a steady drip out the bottom you can work and bill. I’ve let the funnel dry up these past 14 weeks, so my first job is to start refilling it. Part of that process will be using social media and my blog sites to raise the profile, get the search engines ranking me as high as possible for keywords like ‘ghostwriter’. I need to spend just 15 minutes a day on each of my sites to keep them fresh, relevant and ranking well. better get on to it then!

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