Writer Exploitation

Screen Shot 2013-11-06 at 10.04.56 AMThe trouble with crowd sourcing, apart from having to compete with writers from countries where a dollar an article is good money, is having to deal with job posters (employers) who think a dollar an article is good money! Check out this ad from a US client. Note the very strict terms and penalties she applies, like a 10% fine for being late.

Please read everything CAREFULLY before applying or else I won’t reply. Thanks!

– Write stories for http://mistakesinlife.net
– $1 per approved story (fee included). This price is fixed. Please don’t submit a higher payment proposal to me.
– 20 stories needed in total
– Start posting date: 12/01/13
– End posting date: 1/31/13
– Due Date: 11/20/13 – Please email me all 20 stories for approval on this date. If you are one day late, the contract will be cancelled!!!!!!!!
– Hiring date: As soon as you send me a sample story.

– You post the story by 7pm Eastern Standard Time on your assigned dates. I will give you the posting schedule.
– When you create an account on the website, your Username and Password is shared with me so I can post your story for you on the days that you forget. Everytime you post later than 10pm Eastern Standard Time or don’t post at all, I will pay you 10 cents less.
– Double check the website before you post. Do not post story that is already posted.
– All stories submitted to me for approval at once in a Microsoft Word Document. Each story will have a title and a category name. An excel spreadsheet will be provided later to fill out the rest of the information.
– All payment is made at once at the end, once all the postings have been made – which will be on 1/31/13

– Min # of character: 1200 characters including spaces
– Max # of character: None
– In the story, clearly identify the mistake made (give a storyline) and the lesson you learned from it.
– Only write about YOUR mistakes not other people’s mistakes.

– EMAIL me or send with proposal a sample story for evaluation. A story about a mistake you made in life and what you learned from it. Do NOT post anything on the website without my approval. Thanks!
– In your Job Proposal, make sure you bid it for $20 (this included fee) AND due date as 1/31/13.

Check it out. Not only must you write the article, you have to post it as well and within a three hour window. (Which Eastern Standard Time does she refer to? Why US EST of course, I doubt any other country exists to this person). She will take 10% of your already ridiculously low payment if you are late doing not just the writing but the admin uploading and site maintenance work, too! She will pay you your hard earned twenty bucks, which includes the 8.75% Elance fee, only after they have all been uploaded. Well you hope she does.

Before you get that far you have to send her sample stories and there is little to ensure these won’t be taken, used and then ‘rejected’ as this happens a lot with jobs like this. I’m not saying this employer is anything but tight fisted and anally retentive and perhaps she has been burnt in the past but to me this is exploitation, pure and simple. C’mon, lady! Twenty bucks to write 20 articles, post them to a tight schedule and then wait for payment which deducts the Elance fee? Can you actually afford to be in business?

I know, nobody is forced to respond and perhaps a newbie takes this job just to break the ice and get some feedback to help them get better jobs but you would be better off pitching low to a job poster willing to pay fairly if only because I can assure you this ‘employer’ will give you grief. Just as those writers I have hired who were the lowest bidder were always more hassle than the savings were worth the old saying holds true. You get what you pay for, or are paid for.

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